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A jewel in the Andaman Sea, Phuket

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  • Departure time / 2020-02-25
  • Travel days / 15 days
  • Person / a person
  • Per capita cost / 12000RMB

I can wander here indefinitely

The first two months of 2020 are believed to mean a lot to everyone. There are people who have unfortunately been infected with the virus and died, people who have been infected with mild illnesses to cooperate with treatment, people who are fighting on the front line to save people, people who are committed to quarantine and security, people who are unknown in logistics and distribution, and more ordinary people are staying at home waiting for the epidemic End. The outbreak of the virus seems to have brought the world a slam to the brakes, all walks of life have suspended work and production, and people who stay at home have more time to spend with their families. I also have more time to swipe my mobile phone, through various news, videos, and data to transmit information, anxiety and collective panic really consumes people.
Simply put this information to throw aside, brush Zhang Phuket tickets, decided to look at the sea to breathe. Simply packed two clothes, carried a backpack and went out. Select Phuket, one is no limit Chinese people, immigration, the second is a simple visa on arrival, the third is Jinan There are flights, as for the guide, the hotel has nothing to check and nothing is booked. After walking so many places, I don’t mean to just leave. To me, walking and wandering have a sense of belonging, and going out is a state of omnipotence.
Before Japan spent a half a month, room and board are very expensive, looked Thailand Hotel website, compared to Japan That's really cost-effective. Coupled with the recent epidemic affecting play the Chinese people rarely, hotels are offering big discounts, two or three hundred forty live in a big flat sea view room, or watching the sunset fall in room safe private domain pool Dammam Sea, just not so beautiful; two thousand Baht with the boat, snorkeling picked up starfish, sea cucumbers, large conch, surprise in the sea out loud; many people leave to go to Patong south Dala Hai class B & B stay, and a new understanding of Thailand 711 friends to buy strawberry Korean soju lying on the beach looking at the stars, melon seeds, drink soju, chat Buddhist legend ... although now back in the isolation, I am still very grateful to this tour impulse from home, I would like to see a lot more thing.

Karon Beach 100 baht to rent a deck chair and watch the sunset, next to one pair of Russian couple playing ping pong table with no play badminton, can not afford to several ten consecutive balls. The world is pink.

I used a Canon R9 card camera to shoot the sunset on the hotel balcony, watching the red sun disappear to the sea level little by little, and the passenger ship honked its whistle and sailed towards the sunset. Only the eyes and soul can remember the magnificence of this moment, which is gorgeous and moved. .

Offshore sun bath, at no cost. The most beautiful things in this world do not cost money, such as sunshine, blue sky, good air, good mood and love. But money is also indispensable for the journey to beauty. If you can't afford a ticket or stay in a cliff sea view hotel, beautiful things will be discounted.

If Patong is lively and prosperous, with dense loungers on the beach, and many sea waves, it is a gathering place for tourists who are new to Phuket, then Bandara in the south is a quiet refuge for locals. The sea here is clear and the waves are small. I chose a beautiful homestay. The sea is two meters from the door. The high tide and low tide are not obvious. The coast with stable mood is more suitable for living. The boss is Faguo man and wife is Thai people who live here more than a decade, pillow sea every day and sleep is what immortal life, I do not know, just know that lying in bed watching the sun from the east through the coconut trees every morning Spreading the sun to the sea, the beach is a couple walking hand in hand, that moment: the world is worth it.

On Monday when there is no online class, the diving brother took me to Nai Harn Beach for snorkeling on a small motorcycle. I went to 6 different beaches in Phuket for half a month. Some of the sand is as fine as flour, and some have obvious sand particles. full of large stones ... so different beaches role is different, something for sun bath, something for surfing, snorkeling ... something for all have in common is suitable for taking pictures.

The first day of emergency landing in Phuket

The experience of going out is too rich, and in many cases it is arranged based on feelings, and often feels quite accurate and can be copied. For example , for an unfamiliar place, first go to its most lively and characteristic place to take a look. Therefore, on the first day, live in the city center, in a very central location, convenient for travel, and close to the sea, at a reasonable price. So he chose this Baumanburi Hotel, Patong is located on Main Street, go across the street 200 meters to the beach, 10 minutes to go straight Jiangxi cold, 5 minutes Night Market, seafood markets around the downstairs bar in the evening a big hi to guitar In the middle of the night, this place is especially suitable for people who have just landed. The excitement and the environment are especially blended.

Hotel facilities were old, but environmental services are good, courtyard with trees, swimming pool so do not be the sun , next to a horse slaughter open-air pavilion, while watching the scenery while swimming to a systemic Masha Ji, one hour 350 baht, It’s RMB 70. My lady’s strength is just right. Even people like me who don’t usually like massage feel refreshed to doubt life.

I booked this room when the epidemic has not spread to Thailand , the end of February more than three little now just look at the price of less than two hundred dollars.

In the northern winter is gray skies stay a long time, to see the bright flowers feel fresh.

The color of the sea at low latitudes is different in different weather, royal blue, sky blue, Tiffany blue...Anyway, I took a deep breath when I saw the sea. It was so beautiful.

Good figure on the beach

The benefits of living in the central area of the city is that you can turn errands with a large circle, to Jiangxi cold buy ROXY slippers and a large flower package, things like not expensive and full of intimacy, float up a bit happy. Carrying this big bag on the street, I feel that I am very local.

After returning to the hotel, I took a swim and then went to the seafood market for dinner. One crayfish, two big climbing prawns, one fried rice, and a glass of sugarcane juice are just right for one person. Born by the sea, I love seafood to the bone. I have never eaten such a big pipi shrimp. Take the scissors and cut it a little bit to take the whole meat. The sweetness is about to take off. I can’t help but share with someone. I thought it was. Simply sharing, you will express your immediate feelings unscrupulously to the people you trust, the people you love will be happy because of your happiness, and the people you don't love will really be angry as you show off. People who are emotionally unstable, mentally unhealthy, and emotionally incomplete can only let time accompany you to heal. I withdrew, you take care.

After dinner, go to the beach to watch Caixia dyeing red for half a day. Couples on the beach are whispering, walking hand in hand, infinitely beautiful.

The next day, I went three poles to the restaurant for breakfast because I had to pick up the meal in a few minutes, so the restaurant gave me half the price. The good mood for the day started with this heart-warming breakfast.

Packed his things the way for the hotel to eat kabab with cola like in Europe the same street

The second hotel, Sea sun sand resort & spa Phuket, can be reached on foot from Patong to the north. The door face is small, but there is a cave inside. Three buildings earn built, I lived in the E zone to walk the long corridor to get to Area A swimming pool is located on the fifth floor of the elevator, suddenly, you can beheld not far from Ann Dammam sea.

On the top floor, I observed that there were sockets, tables, and internet. I took the computer and planned to take online lessons, but when everything was adjusted, the cafeteria began to set up food and sounded, so I took the computer and left back to the room.

I went out to stroll to the night market in the city center at night. There were so many people, all kinds of pole dancing bars, and ladyboy performances. No one was wearing a mask. I left here as soon as possible. My sister said that she likes these crowded places many times, and it's all foreigners who follow along and are so happy. Well, I may be old, my heart can't stand it, so I left after taking a look, and the photos were not taken properly.

On Saturdays and Sundays online classes, my hotel network is unstable, so I wandered around three hotels with my computer and found a hotel with a good Internet view, plugged in the computer for class, Novotel in many countries is similar to the express hotel, here is Luxury resort hotel, the lobby is open-air, surrounded by many trees and flowers, chirping birds, the children kept asking me "Teacher where are you? Why can I hear so many birds?" All I can say is that the online class environment is a bit better.

Everyone was banned at home, feeling anxious. I didn't dare to show them the sea in front of me and a big cruise ship on the sea. The picture was so natural and harmonious.

Lunch will be settled at the restaurant with sea view on the cliff across the road from the hotel. I feel that Phuket did not show me the whole picture at once, but showed me her deep beauty little by little. Every meal has a taste, and the sea in different locations has a unique charm.

On this position can drink Ledu smile and laugh out loud. The key is that it is very quiet next to me. I have a table for one person. I don't know if it is the cause of the epidemic or the time for me to eat. Anyway, it is the feeling of enjoying a piece of cliff coast by one person and eating 100 yuan of rice.

I like to drink coconuts, which are natural juices of plants. No artificial additions are beautiful. Drinking 5 coconuts a day is ecstatic. How can such a beautiful thing sell so cheaply?

Thailand is one of the few countries that don't miss domestic food. The taste and ingredients are very close to our daily meals. There are many seafood. I love it very much. Every meal has shrimps, all kinds of shrimps, I like how to eat them.

Seaside restaurants are mostly Chinese people are willing to go, a good position to take pictures look good, but the food is very expensive, this is expensive and almost home, but local real consumption can actually be very low. For example, at the beach stall below, the locals start the pot on the spot, and the pineapple fried rice is delicious. It costs only RMB 20. The cliff restaurant is about 50 RMB. It is full of foreigners. The small tables are crowded to eat and drink. A little wine, a little sun, and looking at the beauties on the beach, one day passed. My little table is really a fairy position. While eating and watching the beautiful women in bikinis reading in various poses on the beach in front of me, it is peaceful and it is a beautiful enjoyment.

The third hotel, Andamantra resort and villa Phuket, I strongly recommend it. I think it’s good looking at the pictures. It’s better than I expected. It’s also very close to the previous hotel. It is within walking distance, closer to the sea, and built against the mountains. Every room can see the sea. There is a shuttle bus to and from the lobby and the room. The room is very big, new and clean. There is a big balcony. The swimming pool is great. I can swim in the evening while watching the sunset.

You can watch the sunset from the balcony of the room.

Everything in the world has reincarnation. Ten years ago, I played with card cameras, intermediate SLRs and mirrorless cameras. There were countless shots. It was heavy and tired when I went out. However, I like the texture of the film and I am tired. I don’t like anything I ordered. The card machine is back, more sophisticated and multifunctional, lighter, and you can afford to lose it. I can accompany Wan-shui Qianshan traveled.

In Phuket for a few days, I did not watch the news or watch TV, and the news was automatically blocked. I forgot how serious the epidemic was spreading globally. The human world is noisy, nature is silent, anyone appreciates it, the sunset is still beautiful, the sea is still surging, people are not only looking at the sea, or going to the sea to hunt marine life, satisfying the appetite, nothing. People are nothing.

Look at another world in the sea like a flying fish

I saw a eldest sister at the night market who was very kind and enthusiastic and basically didn't bargain on her boat. Go snorkeling. I can swim, but I am afraid of water, and I am also afraid of being closed. I know that deep diving is more beautiful, but I dare not even try. Snorkeling is also just this time without wearing a life jacket. Do not know the year in the Holy Land known as the world's third largest diving the Galapagos I wore a life jacket still holding the strings can not wash its hands of the ship how counseling, exposure does not say seeing sea turtles from the clear water swimming I It's a shame not to dive down and take a closer look. Later in snorkeling, friends can not swim for the first time in order to make nice snorkeling underwater bikini photos can go directly to the water jump, I still clumsy wearing a life jacket holding floating board to see the Sharks flew feet. This time I met a good dive guide, took me to fly with my hand, and taught me how to fly faster. I kept diving and picking up conch, sea cucumber, and starfish for me. I was relieved by touching it, and I was happy. Someone once said that only pure things can make me happy, well, happy and expensive and cherished.

Picking up the baby all the way and releasing it all the way, there was only a big fat star in his hand when he boarded the boat.

In the evening on the beach drinking soju, the stars, John told me Thai Buddhist people of faith and Chinese Buddhist What is the difference, foggy, did not understand the sea is better to catch crabs, arrested and photographed and put into the water , it Frightened and confused, he returned to the shore without going around in the sea.

Do you believe that in this world, you have never felt the same way? Location, identity, environment, experience, knowledge, etc. determine the differences between people. Vibrato there is a sale Japanese black hair and beef bloggers, he said his family this beef is imported, I would like to buy a certain point favorites praise, but look at all sorts of messages, some say could boast of it, how beef mouth. I think, told friends that the Japanese soul beef is imported, she did not believe that eating meat to South Korea All right. You see, this means that people will only post comments in their own position, and all opinions are also reflections of their own experience. It is the habit of many people to firmly believe in their own assumptions and analogical judgments about things that have not been seen or experienced. Often at this time, I choose to be silent, and arguing is meaningless. All beautiful things are expensive and very expensive. Thin, if everyone has experienced it, where are there so many delicious Wagyu beef, where is there such a pure beauty. God designed people at different levels, that is, some people are responsible for experience and feeling, and some people are responsible for guessing, fantasizing, and making unreasonable comments. In this way, the world is lively and lively, and each has its own place.

The people who live here, the view of the sea is their daily life, and for me who hurried by, this is a paradise on earth.

The takeaway does not need to be packed in plastic boxes. It is healthy and environmentally friendly.

Drinking a beer here and nibbling a mango, I was born to want less, which is just right.

There is a piece of sea in Rawai which is especially suitable for snorkeling. The bottom of the sea is full of reefs. You can see a lot of fish swim with you. The underwater world is so fascinating.

I dived down and picked up starfish, sea cucumbers, and conch, and then put them away. I can't bear to eat squid at night. People shouldn't eat so many marine life, Amitabha.

Rent a lounge chair at Karon Beach to lie down to the ground

The fourth hotel is located in the Baan karonburi resort of Karon Beach. After booking one night, I stayed for four consecutive nights. What is the perfect hotel like? Crossing the road is the beach, surrounded by night markets, food stalls, small commodity markets, restaurants, supermarkets, fruit stalls... the hotel lobby is facing the street, and the room is not facing the street. It is super quiet. I live in a room with a pool on the first floor, which is just over 200. own house push Mizar station door is the pool. There is also a large public swimming pool in the courtyard. The pool house has a sense of security is nothing at all ready, push Mizar station door to jump in the water , swim into the house dry bath are convenient, you can also read a book lying on a small couch, really years of quiet good.

Go to the next Hilton Hotel for an online class. The internet speed here is faster. After the lecture, the sunset stretches the shadows long, and the sun is warm and soft, making people want to dance.

After class, I came to the beach to lie down and watched the couple playing football next to me. Not far away there was a big paraglider hanging in the sky. The sun fell into the sea little by little, and the sky was full of sunset clouds.

This grilled pork ribs and fried water spinach are super delicious and the service is not expensive. I go through several times a day. The clerk always talks up to eat in Chinese. Beautiful women don’t want to talk to me in other places, but I feel kind and warm.

Rent a lounge chair at Karon Beach and you can lie down like this.

Karen stayed for four days and went to the embassy to extend the visa. The staff said that the visa can be extended indefinitely during special periods. The originally booked ticket on the 3rd was cancelled, and I didn’t want to return on the 10th. Later, friends and family members said that thanks to the early return, there was a big outbreak abroad. I didn’t argue but didn’t take it seriously. I came back because my class books ran out. If it wasn’t for my students, in order not to delay class, I could stay outside for a long time. It’s okay if the backpack is out for half a month, but it’s okay for half a year or longer. So everyone has different ideas.

Eat seafood barbecue that local talents go to at night

I found a sea snail after diving. The shell is extremely smooth. I like it too much. But when I put it aside, it sticks out like a snail. Its body is soft. I can't bear to hurt her. So, even with all the perseverance, Still threw it into the sea. I have been thinking about how its shell is formed, and protect my soft body with a hard shell. Everything is anim.

My dive guide brother Johan, I call him John, he doesn’t seem to like to let me call him YOYO. I think it’s too damn good to listen to haha professional dive guide, thank you for taking me to fly

Some are confined to the kitchen and love, some are nostalgic for the mountains, rivers and seas, the scenery is on the road, the joy is in the heart, it is not bad to have a dream, but you must also know that perhaps a little bravery can lead the life of a dream. There are fewer family members, more retreat, and if you like to watch the sea, you can watch the sea. Maybe you can watch it for 100 years in a blink of an eye.

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