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Similan Racha Hotel Phuket

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  • Departure time / 2020-01-15
  • Travel days / 7 days
  • People / Couples/Couples
  • Per capita cost / 12000RMB

The only thing I can't go back to is the most beautiful, not to mention the first trip with my wife. If I feel a little tired when I was in Phuket, I just think of the beauty of the trip. Haha, it just happened to be raising fat at home during the New Year, so let's record this beauty! !

Five preparations before departure

The first visa
(I did it on Taobao, so I don’t need to take photos, just send the original passport.) The
second ticket
(it’s more convenient to buy both back and forth, where to buy it, the direct flight is a bit expensive, but just Very comfortable. Here is a tip: In order to let the daughter-in-law who took the handjob for the first time to see the sky, I spent 200 to choose a seat in advance. Unfortunately, when I came back, the setting sun chose the wrong direction , and I bought it because I took a lot of money. luggage space, later found never use , their luggage would suffice) third hotel     

(I have booked it wherever I go. The homestay is not considered because we are going abroad for the first time and there is no travel experience. The tip here is that you must download a QQ mailbox, because you need to provide two things at the front desk of the hotel, one is Passport, the other is the "Confirmation Letter", where you fill in the email address, it will be sent to you, when you arrive at the hotel, click on your phone and show it to the front desk. It's all easy to say) The
fourth mark map + guide
(I downloaded it offline with Baidu map) The map, plus the bookmark mark, gives a general understanding of Phuket

The strategy is basically based on the hornet's nest, Weibo Zhihu do shop help

The fifth Taobao to buy necessities
(here say necessity is because in order to journey not to take too many things, like the easy road, go to Thailand is like out of the province, life products really everything, well, let's list the essentials:
1 a volume storage bags, because often swim + locker, but the hotel is really hard to dry clothes to dry, then wrap with plastic bags of dirty clothes and put on dry clothes separately installed is very important;
Thailand phone card + fill out the immigration card, AIS or Happy card, how to install it, just read the manual. The exit and exit card is usually sent by the seller who sells the phone. You will know how to write it and check it. If it is not issued on the plane, write
in advance . Power bank + power strip + 3/2 Head converter
Thailand Most plugs are 2 heads;
4 Swimsuits, men’s striped swimming trunks are good, girls can bring a few more sets.
5 If you want to bring your own summer clothes, you don’t need to buy another.
6 Friends who like to drink tea It’s best to bring your own tea + a thermos that can be filtered. Thai tea bags don’t match the taste of the Chinese people.)

Okay, let’s go.

Departure and meet Patong on the first day

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

13:05 aircraft, and his wife 11:00 to the airport, before going to the airport also had to think of other places, but fortunately did not go, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport New this side is really great, 2 minutes to advance, running down on almost.
When taking off, the wife who took the plane for the first time seemed very excited. With this pat and that pat, I became nervous again when the plane was running, haha, so cute .  

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

There is also a small episode before takeoff. A young couple wants to adjust seats with a girl in front of us and say that two people want to sit together. Of course, the passengers sitting by the window are not willing. Seeing this scene, I hurried to ask my wife for credit, but not everyone can arrange it in advance like me.
After reaching the sky, I felt that 200 yuan was worth it if I was still distressed. The excited wife slapped an arm and asked me to look out the window quickly, wow, it's been too long since I saw such a blue sky!


Coming Phuket another shot a wave


Can be seen in Guangzhou thick clouds to Phuket becomes thin again, the fact that we are in Phuket basic daily can see blue skies.
After arriving, I changed my phone card on the plane and hurriedly reported safety with my family. Here is another tip: prepare a waterproof document bag, and put all the important things in it: small phone card/passport/cash/exit card. We will bring this small document bag when we go out, so we don’t need big bags. Brought it.
A cabin, " Sava Di" "xxx card" "xx card", broadcast in various "cards" are telling us to Thailand it! !

Phuket International Airport

The next step is to change summer clothes and go through the security check. After we came out of Gate 3, there was an airport pick-up card of less than 200 travel agencies hung on the lawn fence. We had to make a phone call to find that the travel agency was behind us. But before the driver arrived, we went to the 7-11 next to buy some daily necessities, Phuket is hot, and quickly get a bottle of summer drink

Phuket International Airport

After a while the driver came, an SUV. It takes an hour to get to Patong. After staying in the urban forest for a long time, it is naturally a wave of chaos in the face of the open sea and sky.


Arrived at the first hotel,

Mvenpick Mythology Patong Hotel

The environment of this hotel can indeed be described as beautiful, really. Net Red Hotel


As soon as I arrived at the front desk, I brought two glasses of plum juice + ice towel. This should be the standard configuration of the Phuket hotel. The following hotels are all equipped with this configuration. As there was a note before it was a honeymoon, I saw a heart-shaped rose on the bed when I entered the room,
Surprise! !


Since it was almost 6 o'clock, I rushed to the beach to watch the sunset without visiting the hotel first, so I hurried out after taking the important things.
You can get to Patong Beach in 15 minutes, which is quite convenient. To the beach , quickly Paipai Pai, the period also hit a pair of Hangzhou to the couple, we beat each other to each other, ha ha, to the feeling of the majority of Phuket or couple.
It’s the first time in my life to see such a sunset , I still feel very beautiful


After taking the photo, I groaned, haha,
I walked for 20 minutes along the way to find food . My impression of Patong is that the economy is roughly equivalent to the commercial street of a strong county in China, or the urban-rural fringe of a first-tier city, but It is very lively, savage and full of energy.
The first meal in Patong went to MR.RIGHT, which was opposite to Restaurant No. 6. My wife was a happy one, but I was unlucky if I was picky.   


Fortunately, there are universal 7-11 and family on the way back, bought Wang Han-old altar pickled beef noodles unhappy solution back to the hotel to find the hotel's night lights so beautiful, to feel a wave of Paipai Pai   

After eating the noodles, because I will wake up at 5 o’clock tomorrow, I quickly wash and sleep, haha, the noisy day has passed 

The next day, a wet day, Emerald Bay, Similan Islands

After 4 o'clock, I pulled my wife up and drank some water and went to the lobby to wait for the driver to pick him up. I ordered the Lazy Cat’s Ferrari. The driver was very punctual, and got in the car after matching our names.

Have to say Phuket shuttle bus is such a big bus, a car six people, sitting very comfortable, travel agencies basically have. The next few days of travel will be these types of cars, give me a thumbs up On Patong Road in the early hours of the morning, there were few people on the road. Passing by the bar, the bar was not cleared, but the small riots brought out the desertedness of the street.   

It takes an hour and a half to drive to the destination. There are many benches and breakfast in a bungalow. They are all Chinese, and seem to be with a tour group Here is another tip, people must go to the bathroom before going out. When I got to the men’s room, there was only one big seat. 7/8 of the boys in line leaned on the wall, squatted with their stomachs in their hands, or played with their phones and knocked on the door "Big Brothers," the scene was very embarrassing I stayed in the rest area for 40 minutes, and when everything was ready, I walked to the dock and set off   

I changed my beach socks/life jackets on the boat, and the cool black super comes in handy To Similan to go a bell at sea, passenger ship quickly make sense of basic, my wife excitedly Paipai Pai began after the shading mode 


Shuidao of people on the boat
with the guide hello, the window began to Similan figure Islands


We went to 3 islands in total today. I have forgotten which island it is , so let’s name them according to the signs. The first is Stone Island. The island where you eat at noon is called Dining Island, and the third is Emerald Bay because it is for snorkeling.   

Stone island

Of course the first thing to do when wading on the island is to pat

My wife’s skirt is wet here, but I’m not afraid. I’m going to change my swimsuit anyway, but I don’t have time to take pictures on the rocks. I can’t enjoy the sea view from the highest point in the open sea, which is a small regret.

The trees on the island are also very luxuriant. The
next step is to do the first snorkeling near the stone island. Since my wife can't swim, it can be described as suffering here . After entering the water, he has been holding onto the floating board tightly, not daring to move But a bad experience is also an experience, I believe she is unforgettable. In retrospect, I don’t regret going into the water, and it’s great when it's time to take pictures.   

Then when it's lunch time, I will go to eat island

Eating island

Although the name of the island is to eat, but this should be the Similan islands most beautiful. After eating a Chinese meal every three autumns, I was satisfied . When my wife changed her swimsuit, I encountered a mosquito with a big thumb . The tropical is different. After my wife came out, I went to the beach to take photos. The flour beach + jelly color sea is well-known.       

When the time is up, the boat will pick us up and go snorkeling at the third place, Emerald Bay.

Emerald Bay

After the lesson in the morning, the wife didn't dare to go into the water, so she took pictures honestly on the boat. I went into the sea to have fun

After swimming for a while, I went back to the boat to find a wife

The boat is not bad too. Not many people can go up to the second floor and lie down in the sun, and then two bottles of frozen drinks, blowing the sea breeze, basking in the sun, and hugging his wife, wow, this is life.

Similan Island

I stayed for almost an hour, and I was on my way home. The sea breeze was blowing, and my tired body made me sleepy.
With the sea journey and the distance, it is already night to return to Patong. I could not help but hungry for Chinese food from a Chinese search and soon found out a hot pot, in Jiangxi near the cold, make a TUTU to 200B, a younger brother, said motorcycle bargain on 100B, hee hee, just want to experience , It passed.

Whizzing by   

Big C

Opened the door, a surge of Sichuan hot pot of spicy unique floated, I was almost in tears , feeling returned to the motherland surrounded. Taste road really is not bad, is a little expensive, name has ciqikou.   


After 9 o'clock after eating, I am ready to experience TUTU, it is still 200B, well, it seems to be the starting price. I have to say that Patong’s night lights are still very beautiful. Seeing this scene, I decided to choose a Patong night scene for the next day's trip.

The third day is a day for a boy with a fake smile.

I finally don't have to get up early today, I can get up after 8 o'clock Check out the way downstairs to eat breakfast, to find the restaurant mostly Chinese people, the restaurant atmosphere is also good, the cutter head banging jingle bang Lang, guests talked about the cheerful sound of the trip, my wife is very excited to go picky eaters, the mood is excellent .   

Patong’s hotel restaurant juice milk is stored in crushed ice like this, it feels like a holiday. After having breakfast, the car of the bridal shop arrived. I was blinded by the morning sun. I found that the hotel in the morning was full of vitality. I felt a little emotional after staying for 2 days. I feel like taking a few photos to commemorate.

This hotel seems to have been open for less than a year. Frankly speaking, the ventilation is still not very good, but it is completely flawed. With the beautiful price, the worthy score for this hotel is 4.5 points. The bridal shop's car is right at the door. , I arrived in less than 5 minutes, and I didn’t choose it when I booked the hotel. I didn’t expect it to be so close. Photographer brother looked super dark skin, and makeup artist and assistant Nana sunglasses + hat + mask + long-sleeved pants heavily armed, I feel today should be able to deeply appreciate Phuket enthusiasm


The car in the bridal shop is very comfortable.

When I arrived at the bridal shop, I chose a wedding dress, and then I started putting on my beautiful wife

During the makeup period, my wife still remembered that she was in the Shinhwa Hotel, but it was very close. I gesticulated with the driver for a while and finally went back and got it back.
Because in Guangzhou has already made two sets of dress, casual and shot more than today.
Our first scene in Camara town, street, ballet northeast of a small beach, very relaxed here, come to Phuket and if time, then it touches you can stay in an afternoon stop and go to the Department of the Buddha, around Sit down. There are restaurants and drinks bars along the street, and there are many small bars by the sea. It would be nice to sit down and blow the sea breeze when you have time.

Street shooting basically focuses on follow-up shoots. After we followed us, Brother Chao followed us, so he could pose if he had any creativity. Unfortunately, my smirk was so obvious that even experienced Brother Chao couldn't help but complain And Guangzhou room compared, although less of a sense of ritual, but a lot of fun, at least ease the whole process, and Phuket feels the same.   

I met several couples along the way. It seems that this is a famous filming location. I ran into two foreign couples during the period and saw us taking wedding photos. I rushed over to take a photo with us. It was worthwhile to feel different human emotions when I went abroad.

Brother Chao took us to eat Fat Tao noodles at noon. Phuket made me fall in love with Sichuan cuisine In the afternoon, I was shooting reef dresses. When I went to Mai Khao Beach, it is rare to see Chinese people. They are all foreigners. They are basking in the sun. I have to say that foreigners can really enjoy it. Lying here is a day. This is true. . Vacation. It was so hot on the reef, and now I am still wearing a dress   

I have to say that my wife’s figure is really tailor-made for the dress . After the filming, we went to Patong night scene after resting in the car for a while. TUTU car   

Bar Street

The bar street in Patong is indeed very fell, ambiguous lighting, passionate music, pole dancing is standard here, and the taste of hormones is everywhere at night.
The way they talk and super brother a lot, they are branches around the country to turn over, they are Chengdu branch. Looking at them, you know that life is difficult when traveling abroad. Although there is a financial subsidy, and I live in a villa for only four months, the feeling of being far away from home may not be experienced by people living in China.
After the filming, I said goodbye to Brother Chao and had dinner at Fat Tao Xiaonian opposite Ciqikou. I feel that Chinese food in Phuket is Sichuan cuisine.   

After eating, because it was close to the next hotel, I walked over with my wife hand in hand. When the breeze is breezy, I will have a coconut , my wife is holding a coconut, and I have to take all my luggage, but this is the role of my husband, haha

We will arrive at the second hotel soon,

Grand Mercure Patong

After the reception was completed, an old grandpa waiter took us into the room, and we saw the honeymoon surprise after entering the room

The small cakes and fruits from the hotel, but unfortunately I ate the noodles and drank the coconut.
Originally Mercure is in the itinerary as a transition, because the next is exciting highlight of The Racha, Racha Hotel tour, but tomorrow or let us experience this transition feel good hotel, Grand Mercure in Chinese tourists There is a reason for being quite famous.

Go to The Racha on the fourth day

I felt exhausted yesterday, but it is not easy to get up today. Seeing that it was past 9 o'clock on the phone, I quickly awoke my wife for breakfast. Downstairs in front of our door is the Grand Mercure Villa room, a secret photo 

Time is tight on the road, so I can’t forget to give my wife one   

At the restaurant, My god! This is so rich that you can actually eat boiled noodles. Frankly speaking, Grand Mercure’s breakfast experience was the richest and most delicious among the five hotels on this trip, and it was also the most complex to the tastes of Chinese people. The very people first arrived in Phuket to recommend this hotel, I feel a lot of details are for Chinese tourists designs.

Drinks even rice milk,,,

The outside of the restaurant happens to be sunny, and some guests eat while swimming, Holiday! The holiday atmosphere is full, and I think it’s nice to have a chance to live here

But there is not much time left for us at the Grand Mercure, because we have to check out at 11 o'clock and we have to check out in the morning after eating. Since the scheduled pick-up service takes 30 minutes to arrive, I was afraid that I would have nothing to eat in Racha, so I went to 7-11 outside to buy instant noodles, and my wife patted in the lobby.   

The driver arrived early and we went to the reception desk at Chalong Pier in Racha Hotel.

Passing through courier
to the reception, I encountered two dial northeast people, a few nibbling chatter, the Northeast people are friendly and they have been in Bangkok played over four days, and I like Tucao taste of Thai food.
To reach the Racha Hotel, you must take his speedboat, which costs 500 RMB per person and vomits blood.    , And write your own English email to book. But because they have unique resources, they will kill him once or twice in a lifetime of traveling, forget it.
It was a bit difficult to write English e-mails at first, and where I took his mail address, it’s not difficult to translate it on the translation software and copy it. After I wrote the name, the number of people, and the time of departure and return, it’s just fine.
After staying for 40 minutes, the hotel sent a caravan to pick us up. It was pretty cute, haha

The service was not bad for a fee, the luggage was taken away by the hotel staff, so we didn’t need to take it. Just a few minutes to Chalong Pier, really blue sea and blue sky, quickly give my wife a picture

After boarding the ship, we saw that we could sit in the last row, so we quickly occupied a seat.

Bye Phuket , come back tomorrow to see you
half an hour to drive to the sea, you can see the shore and offshore are two different colors.

Racha white flour and jelly sand sea
shore white building is the Racha Hotel tip of the iceberg, and we live in is a touch short of the kind of small villas, sea view room but too expensive, not rich , we lived in back the hill , the tallest building in the beginning I thought it was a lighthouse , then a check know there is Racha most expensive room "light House", more than 8,000 a night    

In the lobby, standard ice towels and plum juice are served

Although this is a lobby, it is more like a bar counter

The blue sky and towering palm trees can be seen everywhere in Racha, after all, this is the symbol of Racha

A small bird's nest on the roof of the lobby

Racha theme of man and nature, reflected in the details to make
almost 20 minutes, the baggage car to the staff and brought us to the room, have to say northeast attractive group of really strong, and they walked in a big circle before Knowing that our room is on the other side, quickly return to the lobby After a while, the staff came back to take the two of us. After we arrived in the room smoothly, wow, the air-conditioning in the room was enough, and there was a strong fake music playing. We didn’t enter the city and we hurried to stroll around. Enough honeymoon heart-shaped roses    


Aromatherapy table and two stools for drying clothes   

A desk where you can eat noodles   

Mountain view

A large balcony with a slight sea view

A large bathroom that takes up half of the room

Wife's favorite big bathtub   

And finally, the
scenery is beautiful and the wind is beautiful. It contracted all my showers in Racha and liberated my natural outdoor shower room.   

Played in the room for 2 minutes, washed clothes that had been pressed for a few days, and watched after 4 o’clock, the sun outside was not so hot, so I went out to play in the water   

It's great to have money all the way down, and it would be great if I could spend a few days at the Buddhist stalls in this resort.

When we got to the beach, and Racha Hotel took a life jacket and went into the sea. As a result, my wife touched the sea water for a second , and there was a shadow. Had to walk back to the infinity children’s pool to bubble      

Restaurant by the pool

And his wife bubble bubble, she asked the classic question
, "If your mother at the same time and I fell into the water , you must first save Who?"
I have been thinking about it, that we must teach her to swim! Then she was beaten  bubble for nearly an hour, soon after dark, you just go back to the room changing clothes ready meal back to the room a bit cold to drink with red spots, but fortunately came with tea , Thailand very good service, but not quite like tea or domestic, seem to have brought a little mint.   

The sunset on the island taken when preparing to go out

It’s dark before I get to the restaurant. I can see the stars when I look up on the road, but I can’t seem to take pictures.   

I watched the guide before and went out to eat at the back door of the hotel, but I felt a little scared when it got dark on the island, so I didn’t go exploring, honestly chose the hotel’s BBQ

Look at the chicken chop and steak selected by the reviews. The taste is not bad, if it is too amazing, it will not be too amazing, but for my picky eaters in the late stage, it can be eaten, and it should be good for most Chinese.

This dessert is delicious

After eating, we went to the beach with my wife

Someone actually moved a tent to eat on the beach, very emotional (far left in the picture below)

Have a love pat

Pool at night

I walked all the way back to my room, because the room is quite a distance from the sea, and with the theme of Racha’s closeness to nature, the lights on the road are left with moonlight , really. Country life. I have to say that the soundproofing and privacy of Racha’s room is really good. Obviously the occupancy rate is very high. The villa is on both sides of the road . The loud voice of the northeast group can’t be heard. The road is quiet. Later, I went the wrong way, and I couldn't help feeling a little hairy. My wife also asked me if I was afraid. I must say I am not afraid at this time. , But in my heart, I knew it was safe and okay, so I tightened my wife's hand and walked slowly. This kind of night-walking experience is really impossible to experience in the city.      
Soon came the familiar actually Chaozhou , then glue a few people had little brother, ha ha. We also greeted the Jiaoji people. They were drinking beer and blowing water on the large balcony. They have lived for a day and plan to go back tomorrow. We also met them on the boat tomorrow. After inquiring about the room number, we are separated by a room, haha, then we are here too.

Racha and the big Hilton on the fifth day

Wake up to the sun, and if you feel just right, hurry up to make up for breakfast

Red tractor on the island

Racha breakfast is also very rich, evidently chef should have to go to China studies too. Early in the morning you can eat authentic wet fried beef and rice, as well as refreshments Cantonese shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings , it is seen Chinese travelers under the martial arts.   

My wife likes milk cereal here

Hypocritically, we hide in the air-conditioned room, but foreigners like the sun and eat outside

Birds everywhere

I accidentally found this small gallery when I went to the restroom of the restaurant

The door of the gallery is really one door, one world, and the door is like an exhibition of paintings. The door is a frame and the scenery is a painting.

Since we had to check out at 11 o'clock, we went back to the room to clean up and then came out to visit the hotel.
After the luggage was given to the front desk, because the speedboat was booked at 3 pm, I had a few hours to get some sun.
The hotel puts a lot of air cushions on the lawn by the sea, and the sharp-eyed wife stared at the hammock under the shade of the tree early.

Beautiful view from the tree gap

Butterflies dancing behind my wife

A bottle of refreshing iced soy milk by the sea on a hot summer day   

It's really nice to get up and walk around when you are tired. Alas, I regret not booking an extra night, Racha should really stay one or two more days

Forget it, enjoy your time, let’s have a frozen pineapple and coconut, oh, that’s great

Whatever is a vacation, it’s a vacation.   

Bikini beauties seen everywhere   

The staff is preparing for a barbecue party on Sunday night, haha, we are early

It's 3 o'clock in a flash, bye by Racha, come back later   

Back to Chalong Pier, I booked the point-to-point transfer on the island before and was waiting. Since I didn’t eat at noon, my wife ran to the convenience store to buy something to fill my stomach and we went to the fourth hotel of this trip.

Hilton Arcadia Hotel and Spa

I found out when I arrived, wow, it’s so big, it’s really big

big big big! !

What about the concept, according to Guangzhou university is concerned, there should be a provincial university so much else, and this is just a hotel. There are estimated to be 4 front desks, 6 residential buildings, and a large area of inner lake and palm trees.

We first arrived at the reception desk at the door. At first I thought this was the front desk, but the service provider took my luggage away and loaded it into the car. There was such an operation. I had to take a car from the hotel entrance to the front desk.   

Haha, I learned about the topography of this hotel after slowly researching in the room. Plum red is probably the route we went to the front desk.

When I arrived at the front desk, I went through the formalities and went to the room. The whole hotel is full of 80s/90s style, the main body of the building is pale yellow, the ceiling lamp with white shell and orange light, and the wooden style of the whole house. Everything seems nostalgic.

We have settled down at more than 5 o'clock. We are a bit tired after a few days of the trip. We don't plan to go out for a while. We will rest in the hotel for the last two days. I plan to order takeaway for dinner. I can’t hold the Western or Thai food anymore. I searched for Chinese food near Karen, and when I saw an Internet celebrity restaurant, I just stopped him. After adding the boss WeChat, he said that it would take an hour after he clicked, and we will slowly wait for him to come.
After making an episode of "Detective Chinatown", the boss said that he could not come in because it was at the door, so I hurried out to pick it up.
I came out and found that the hotel’s lights were too beautiful at night, patted
the corridor outside the room, quiet

Downstairs restaurant

In the lobby, more passengers

As the Spring Festival approaches, red lanterns are hung up

I took the shuttle bus to the reception and took the lunch box. My wife started chasing after him. I was hungry, so I hurried back to have a meal

Too delicious indulgences in Yantai begin to enjoy the night view from an increasing feeling that nostalgia too comfortable, because a child often home at home watching Japanese anime, this is similar to the 80's style buildings often do not Nobita know or Conan, or Pearl, right, in the first Dragon Ball Goku and Tianjin    
In the martial arts club where Fan met for the first time, the hotel they stayed in looked like this, hahaha.

Sixth + Seven Days Taf Palms Resort & Home

Wake up to the sun, hello, palm trees  

I woke up early today, and I made 2 cups of morning tea with my wife before I went to breakfast slowly

As soon as you go out, the mountains and lakes are connected, the sun is shining

We arrived at the restaurant downstairs, wow, a lot of people had to wait in line, and several hotels came to this. This was the first one to wait in line, which shows the number of hotel guests.

And soon lined up, I feel like Phuket hotel's breakfast basically the same , but there is no Racha Grand Mercure and the Chinese characteristics, basically Western, but fortunately later found omelette Guangzhao Guangzhao file , plus The soy sauce was quite delicious, I ate 2 of them in one breath. Wife's Milk Cereal   

Hilton has the advantage that you can check out only at 12 o'clock, unlike other hotels before 11 o'clock, for us lazy people, we can finally experience the hotel's swimming pool.
I went upstairs and changed my swimsuit and then went down. My wife didn't dare to go into the water, so she stayed on the shore and helped me pat it.

When I arrived at the swimming pool, I slowly discovered the beauty of the architecture here.

Haha, I found a hidden slide, this is also a parent-child paradise, I also found this place with a group of children   

Sliding down is the restaurant

Bar by the pool

After swimming for half an hour, come up and visit the hotel

Wandering around, a cool mountain breeze came, wow, it’s really comfortable, I found a chair to lie down in the sun, and finally I know why foreigners like to bask in the sun so much, it’s so enjoyable   

Wife's jade hand   

Lie down for a while, when the time is up, I will clean up and check out.
Because the next hotel Taft Palm Resort is next door, we walked over and arrived in more than 10 minutes.

Taf Palms Resort

Bird in the lobby

Small pool in the lobby

Compared with the luxury of Racha and the atmosphere of Hilton, this hotel should be described as quiet. A peaceful scene can be regarded as clusters of flowers, full of scenery everywhere, it is like a garden in itself.

Because not to stay, we called the front desk in the car to take us to Jiangxi cold around, ha ha, punch DR

Wife bought some skin care products

It seems that I can’t find anything to buy soy milk to drink. This lion soy milk is delicious

After returning to the hotel, I checked into the room. It was a nice room with a sea view. However, on the last day, I felt a little tired, so I stayed in the room with my wife and didn't plan to go out, but it was a pity that I didn't take pictures of the garden in the hotel.

In the evening, I called the boss to deliver food, but the boss’s business was so good that it was delivered after 9 o’clock   

The next morning, I finished my breakfast at the hotel and checked out to rush to the airport. The airport drop-off service that was booked was good. I arrived early. I want to boast about Phuket’s pick-up and drop-off service. Basically, I arrived early, not late. 

The blue sky and white clouds were photographed on the road, really a bit reluctant, but forget it, Phuket is quite close anyway, come again if you have a chance   

When I arrived at the airport, the wife who flew for the second time still couldn’t help but pat   

I hurriedly used my talent for finding food and found a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant in the crowd of Subway M’s, which tasted just right   

I thought I couldn't see the sunset on the plane. Fortunately, the sky was so beautiful. It would be nice to see the sunset on the wing, hehe. Bye bye, Phuket

Fly more than three hours, time to Guangzhou , and go home myself

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